‘Accidental’ is the name given to Landlords who didn’t plan to become landlords, but fell into the Rental Sector by accident.  A huge proportion of these landlords suffered at the 2008 financial crash and were unable to sell their homes, so they found other ways to enable their move, often by using an owned or mortgaged property as a rental investment.  

*Data Source:  Homelet Insurance 2018

Relationships Matter

If you became a Landlord by default and not design, then you need to keep on top of the return you are getting on your investment.  As the market changes, the type of rental property you have, might not be returning you the most optimum rental yields.  Additionally, you should be getting regular advice on the tax situation for having an additional property, and ensure you are not falling foul to new legislation that you may be unaware of.
So what can Austin D’arcy do to assist you?