If you are already a landlord and you have a small portfolio you may not need to know as much as a new landlord, but we are sure there are some parts of the lettings process you will still want help with.  Perhaps you try to keep abreast of current legislation changes, but they happen so often, you might need a professional to chat with now and again.  Perhaps you have your own maintenance contractors on hand, but what happens in an emergency if you people are unavailable, booked up or away on holiday?  Maybe you do not have the time to check and chase rents and want that side of the process carried out for you?

From our research it is clear that small portfolio landlords want:

  • To minimise their void periods
  • To ensure that the rent is collected properly, and in the bank ready to pay the mortgage/s
  • To have control over any unexpected costs

Austin D’arcy are here to support landlords of all types, please get in touch and we can tailor our service to meet your individual needs.