Incidents do happen

If you are renting an unfurnished property it is strongly advised that you get your contents insured.  At Austin D’arcy, we reference you using our recommended UK Referencing Company “Let Alliance” and once you pass references you will be eligible for their insurance products, specially designed to protect tenants and their security deposit.

If you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a burglary, a flood or (heaven forbid) a fire, you could lose all of your possessions, and, in the same way you would need to have insurance for your personal items if you lived in an owned property, the same applies in a rented property.  The landlord will have their building insured, but if the incident is not the fault of the landlord, their insurance will not cover your items.



Accidents do happen

Also, for a fraction more, you can cover any accident you might have in the property which damages fixture or fittings belonging to the landlord.  You may think this is a waste of money, but believe us, so many tenants have accidents, here are some popular ones:

  • “The iron fell over onto the carpet and now there is an iron burn mark in the middle of the floor”
  • “I overpacked the kitchen cupboard when I opened it a glass jar fell onto the hob and cracked the halogen plate”
  • “I put hair dye on and didn’t realise I was dripping brown dye all up the stairs”
  • Another similar one “I dyed my hair over the bath and now the plastic bath is stained”
  • “I hammered a nail into the wall and the electrics blew up”

You know what, it really can happen to you!

Austin Darcy use Let Alliance for their tenant referencing service

Claims Quick Statistics

Accidents do happen – 69% of claims are related to Accidental Damage

Our average payout per claim is £745.

Source: Let Alliance Claims Department, March 2017.

Tenants’ Insurance Products

Better to be safe than sorry

Tenants’ Liability Insurance

Protect your valuable security deposit: For just £7.52 including Insurance Premium Tax* per month by direct debit, you can be protected against paying for any damage to your landlord’s property, fixtures, fittings and furniture. You’ll also be covered against time-consuming deposit disputes. Remember, many tenancy agreements state that a tenant should insure themselves against damage before commencing the tenancy.

Cover and benefits:
Nil excess
Accidental damage to the landlord’s household goods
Accidental damage to the landlord’s non-permanent fixtures and fittings (like carpets and curtains)
£5,000 cover level
Policy underwritten by UK General Insurance Ltd

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Tenants’ Contents Insurance

Accidents happen and burglary or other unforeseen problems are a constant risk and could mean losing your deposit. The Let Alliance specialist tenants’ contents insurance gives you peace of mind by protecting your valued possessions and protecting you against any accidental damage to your landlord’s property.

Cover and benefits:
Nil Excess option
Contents Sum Insured from £10,000 up to £50,000
Tenant’s liability to the landlord up to £5,000
Entertainment downloads up to £2,000
Replacement keys and locks up to £500
Pedal cycle cover available up to £1,000 per cycle
Money up to £250 and credit card cover up to £500
Mobile phones up to £400
Public Liability up to £2 million
Accidental damage to hi-fi, TV, PC, fixed glass, furniture, mirrors etc
High-risk items cover option up to £7,500 per article
Alternative accommodation
Deep freezer contents
Storm, flood, escape of water or oil

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